Bianca Desousa is a graduate of Degrassi. She is Drew Torres`s fiance and was adopted by the Edwards`s family. She has changed and became a nicer person.


Character HistoryEdit

She first appeared in I`m All In, She and Drew have sex but bianca didnt use protection but drew didnt know. She then takes a pregnacy test and when it say`s positive she goes to a doctor. When the doctor says she has a baby in her she calls Imogen and she says if she needs needs anything to just call her. When she tells drew that he`s the dad Drew says he will never leave her and they both smile at each other.

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2 Audra finds out that Bianca is pregnet and Drew is the dad. She is upset that they had sex. Bianca knocks on the door, and she talks to Drew. He tells her he told his parents about the pregnancy. Drew introduces Bianca to Christian. Christan tells her he is ready to go to Degrassi. Drew has one more thing to tell Bianca. He gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring, and asks her to marry him. Bianca says yes to the marriage, and they get engaged. They hug and then Audra say`s Welcome to the family. Bianca is so excited to be a member of the Torres family. They all hug, as one happy family.

In It`s Our Genaration 2 Drew surprises Bianca with a party at Clare`s when Jenna comes in and says that having a baby is torture. Bianca and Drew talk and she says that she doesn't want the baby, Drew calls her selfish then leaves.

n Somebody To Love 1, Bianca makes her decision on if she wants the baby and she tells Drew that she wants the baby and they get back together.

In Somebody To Love 2, She finds out that Vince is out of jail. Her and Drew talk and say that he is probably not gonna find us but then they hear a noise outside and Bianca whispers Please be the wind, Please be the wind It turns out it was just the bush.

In Naturally, she co runs the Anti-Fants. She comforts Clare after she is told of by Maya.

She will return in season 14. She may have the baby in June or July.

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