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Clare Edwards, Clare comes from a deeply religious backround. She is currently a Senior (Grade 12) and the youger sister of former degrassi student Darcy Edwards. Her parents are divorced and her mother is now married to Jake`s father. She is the step sister of Jake. She is the student body president.

Character HistoryEdit

In I`m All In, she goes on a triple date with Adam, Alli, Dave, Jenna, and Jake. She watches Mark Fitzgerald knock adam uncoucious and takes him home.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, She got a call from Adam Torres when she was on the bus. He says that he is nervous for Christian Torres so Clare says that it`ll be fine, he say`s okay then they hang up. At english class Adam tells her to spy on Christian at lunch she agrees to but feels guilty. At lunch they find Christian at The Dot and Adam points out that he is sitting next to Zig Novak. Clare convinces him tat he`ll be fine and then he say`s what would I do without you and Clare lists a bunch of things she did for him. Then they leave the dot and hug.

In It`s Our Genaration 2 She supries [[Bianca Desousa|Bianca] with a party at there place when [[Jenna Middleton|Jenna] comes in and says that having a baby is torture, she comforts Jenna until she leaves then she says that the party is over and leaves Drew and Bianca to talk.

In Shake it Like a Pom Pom, she is paired up with Rebecca and Sarah to tryout for the Power Squad but does not make the squad.

In Natually, She attends the Anti Fants meeting at Fiona's loft and is told off by Maya.

In Whatever it Takes, she, Jenna, and Jake pick up Eli and Imogen from the airport.

She will return for season 14. She and Adam might have a possible break up and may be romantically involved with Marcel.


  • Clare is the first character in the series to date a transgender


Friendships with Degrassi studentsEdit

Alli Bhandari, Best friends, 2007-present

Dave Turner, Friends, 2009-present

Connor Deslauriers, 2007-2008 Ex best friends, 2010-present Auquaintents

Adam Torres, 2010-present, Boyfriend and best friend

Jenna Middleton, 2009-2011 enemies, 2011-present friends

Kaitlyn Nash, Friends 2013-present

Josh Nash 2013-present, met once

Christian Torres, 2013-present aquaintents

Tori Santamaria, 2011-present, Enemies

Tristan Milligan, 2012-2012, Ex friends

Maya Matlin, 2012-present, Friends through her sister Katie Matlin

Zig Novack 2012 met once through Maya Matlin

Issabella Jones 2013-present, It is unkown but it was reveald that she will interact with her.

She never interacted with Jack Fitzgerald, Tom Mason, Finn Del Rossi, Devin Gardner, Luke Chambers, or Joey Composanto so far.

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