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Connor Deslauriers is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi. He is the most popular boy at the school. He is portayed by A.J. Saudin.

Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1, He finds Tori Santamaria and Josh Nash on a date and he asks if there dating, Tori says that she likes Connor not Josh and they stay together, Tori says to Josh it`s over.

In It`s Our Genaration, Connor is talking with Zig Novack when Zig and Connor head toword Maya and Tori Santamaria. Connor say`s Happy 6 month anniversery, Tori say`s I know and how about we all celebrate tonight. They all nod, then Tori say`s Great I`ll see you guys in homeroom? Maya and Connor both say Yea sure then he and Maya Matlin walk away. Connor and Zig knock on Tori`s door. Tori and Maya both welcome the boys in when they get in Connor and Tori kiss. Then they all sit down on the couch. Connor says I got you something. He pulls out a gift wrapped box. Tori says so do I, She pulls out a gift wrapped box. They exchange gifts, Tori opens it, Tori then say`s OMG thaks so much, Connor say`s back Your welcome, Tori say`s back to him in a happy voice Your turn, Connor opens the box. Connor screams Oh My God! I LOVE YOU, Tori say`s I LOVE YOU TOO! They both hug and the scene ends.


Friendships with students at DegrassiEdit

Dave Turner, 2009-present, Best friend

Clare Edwards, 2008-present, Kinda friends

Alli Bhandari, 2008-present, Frenemies

Adam Torres, 2010-present, Best friend

Jenna Middleton, 2010-present, Aquaintents, Ex crush

Josh Nash, 2012-present, Ex closest friend ever, Enemy

Kaitlyn Nash, 1996-present, Closest friend ever

Tori Santamaria, 2012-present, Girlfriend

Maya Matlin, 1999-present, Best friend, Same pre-k

Zig Novack, 2011-present, Best friend

He does not interact with Joey, Tristan, Tom, Finn, Issabella, and Jack.

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