Dave Turner is a Senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi. He is friends with K.C. Guthrie, Conner Deslauriers, Adam Torres, Zig Novak, Devin Gardner, Drew Torres, Jenna Middleton, Marcel Morlofs, and Clare Edwards. He is dating Alli Bhandari.

Character HistoryEdit

In I`m All In, he goes on a triple date. He see`s Fitz up Adam. He went home with Adam with Clare, annd Alli. He saw Audra call the police to arrest Fitz.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, He meets Alli in the hallway and she tells him about Sav and Mr. Turner. Shocked and angry, Dave goes with Alli to the Ravine and brings a baseball bat. Him and Alli find the victums tied to a dumpster nearby the Ravine. When Ms. Oh comes, Dave is wondering why she came but he continued to realese his father while Alli realeses Sav. As the Killer/Kidnapper comes out of nowhere, Dave picks up a gun and shoots the killer down. He also sees Ms. Oh shot in the shoulder so the four head to the Hospital.

In Whatever It Takes, he is seen with the old crew to welcome K.C. Later, he hosts K.C.'s Welcome Home party.

He will return for season 14. Since Jacinta has trasferred, he may have some trouble with her and Alli.


Friendships with students at DegrassiEdit

Clare Edwards, 2009-present, Friends

Connor Deslauriers, 2009-present, Best friends

Alli Bhandari, 2009-present, Girlfriend

Adam Torres, 2011-present, Best friends

Jenna Middleton, 2009-present, Friends. Former crush

Devin Gardner, 2013-present, Best friends

Zig Novak, 2012-present, Friends

Christian Torres 2013-present, Met through Adam

Jacinta Morley, 2011-present, Ex-girlfriend (Summer Fling)

He does not interact with Nash twins, Luke Chambers, Tori, Maya, Joey, and Tristan.


  • He has the 3rd longest couple at degrassi with Dave Turner.

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