Devin Gardner is a junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi. He is a new boy who is fun an secretive He is being abused by his father, Matt Gardner.

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Character HistoryEdit

In It`s Our Genaration 1, Devin gets on the bus and nobody lets him sit with him except Kaitlyn Nash, she says hi but he just ignores her until he says thanks. At lunch Kaitlyn asks him to sit with her so he sits down and she asks if they can be friends he tells her about his father abusing him and she feels sorry, She tells him that she might have a crush on him he then quickly leaves. At the end of the day she asks him why he ran off earlier, he say`s that he kinda likes her too. They hold hands when Kaitlyn notices a bump on his hand he say`s his father did it. They say that they will stay there for a while and start making out behind a bus.

In Whatever it Takes he goes the nearest jail to visit his mother, Laura, and to talk about Devin's ups and downs.



Students at Degrassi

Dave Turner, 2013-present, Best friend

Adam Torres, 2013-present, Best friend

Kaitlyn Nash, 2013-present, Girlfriend

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