Gwen Alexander is a freshman (Grade 9) at Degrassi. Like Degrassi graduate, Jane, Gwen is a tough, athletic, smart and honest tomboy. She is friends with her fellow niners, Jack Fitzgerald, Issabella Jones, Finn Del Rossi and Tom Mason and friends with Sam Mortensin. She is also so on the Power Squad and The Fants.


Charcter HistoryEdit

Though her first apperance will be in season 14, Gwen is mentioned in season 13 episode, Naturally, when she was suppose to show up the Dot for a Fants meeting. She didn't attend because Sam was told Gwen was sick with the flu and had to be in bed rest for the next few days. Based on the nature of Gwen's flu and the Fants outnumbered by the Anti-Fants, Marisol considered Katie, Chantay and Anya to be on their team.

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