I Gotta Good Feeling is the 2nd episode of season 13 and the 2nd episode of overall

I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1
Written By: Nick Lovizio, and Scooter14

Directed By: Nick Lovizio

Last Episode: I`m All In Next Episode: I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2


Fiona Coyne looks for a adventure. When Jake Martin gets his buisness robbed him and Jenna Middleton suspect it`s Mark Fitzgerald. Conner suspects something is going on with tori and get`s suspicious at Josh Nash.

Main PlotEdit

Fiona is watching TV when she gets a call from Holly J

Holly J.: Hey Fi hows life

Fiona: Awful Imogen and Eli moved to California i need friends and a new boyfriend

Holly J.: Aww babe im sorry but maybe you can find friends at The Dot

Fiona: yea mabye i gotta go

The theme song plays

Sub PlotEdit

Tori and Josh are on a date at the Dot when connor walks bye then he walks in

Conner: Tori r u cheating on me

Tori: i was gonna tell you but i like you not him im sorry i did this to you

Conner gets up and is about to punch josh when tori say stop lets just go and i`ll never see him again

Conner: ok But josh you better stay away from her

Josh: i will, im so sorry

Tori and Conner leave and go to talk outside

Tori: im so sorry please dont leave me

Conner: i wont leave you i belive you about this

Tori: Thanks so much for understanding conner (she is really telling the truth)

Third PlotEdit

(Jake is upset, and hits the wall. Jenna rushes over towards him)

Jenna: Jakey Baby! What are you doing!

Jake: I knew we shouldn't have gone on that triple date! I can't believe this happened!

Jenna: I'm sorry everything didn't go as planned. If Fitz never showed up, that fight wouldn't have happened. And if the fight never happened, then our date would have been ten times better!

Jake: No, it wasn't because of what happened at the date.

Jenna: Then what happened? Why are you so mad?

Jake: The store was robbed. No money, no wood! I might as well go out of business.

Jenna: JAKE! Why would you do that? This is your dream job right here!

Jake: It costs me money to make the wood, and since I have no money, i would have to use my own money. I'm going to be broke Jenna!

Jenna: Then lets solve the mystery. Who would want to steal money and wood from a wood shop.

Jake: I remember when me and Clare use to date, she said Fitz became broke, and was homeless! He must have took the money and the wood after the whole fight to get revenge on us!

Jenna: I see why he would need money, but wood?

Jake: To start a fire!

Jenna: Sounds good, but where could we find him

Jake: I may know a place. Come on, lets go!

(Jake grabs Jennas hand, and leaves his wood shop)

Fourth PlotEdit

There is a knock on the Torres`s door.

Audra Torres: adam can u get the door

Adam: OK

Adam Opens the door

Christian Torres: Hi r u adam

Adam: Hi r u christian

'Christian:' yea hi brother

'Adam hugs christian and christian 'hugs back

Adam: Mom, Drew geuss what Christian is here

Audra Torres: Oh my god he`s here

Christian: Yea im here Hi Mom

Audra: Hi son

Adam: wheres drew

Drew: Hey im here hey christian im going in my room dont follow

Audra: wait now that christian is here whats that thing you wanted to tell us

Drew: i`ll tell you at dinner

Christian: where`s my room

Adam: You share with me is that alright

Christian: there`s only two of us in a room Yes im used to 6 or like 9

Audra: well you have a family now ur one of us now

Adam: so your name is what now

Christian: Christian Torres

Main PlotEdit

Fiona is at the dot when she sees a really cute boy

Fiona: hi whats ur name

Stranger: Hi i`m nick, nick santos

Fiona: hi i`m fiona did you go to degrassi

Nick: yea but i was only there until the 2nd semester of 11 grade

Fiona: i started that semster

Nick: thats funny do u wanna sit down and have a bite

Fiona: Sure

Fiona: hey Peter can we get some service hear

Peter: same Fiona

Fiona: same peter

Nick: do u guys have something together

Fiona: were just old friends

Peter: hey do u wanna go to litttle miss stakes

Fiona: sure one sec, sorry Nick i gotta go

Peter: come on lets go cutie

Fiona: okay Cutie

Peter: Fitz, your in charge for now!

(They both smile at each oher and head towords little miss stakes)

Third PlotEdit

(Jake and Jenna walk into the Dot, and find Fitz their)

Jake: I new it, he was here!

Jenna: Then what are we waiting for, lets give it to him!

(Jake rushes over towards the counter, where Fitz is. Jenna follows)

Jake: Okay Fitz, wheres my money? And my wood?

Fitz: What are you talking about? I don't have money, or wood.

Jenna: Stop lying! We know you snuck into the shop, and took the stuff while we were on our date!

Fitz: Why do you think I took it?

Jake: Well..... you fought me, Eli, and Adam at Little Miss Steaks last night,

Jenna: And you robbed Jake's Wood Supplies as revenge on us, and so you had wood for a fire!

Fitz: I don't know what you are talking about? I have changed. I became a devoted Christain, and christains don't do things like that. The only reason why I fought you guys was because anger got out of me after Adam punched me. I would never steal anything like that!

Jake: He's right! I forgot that he changed after he was expelled from Degrassi! Thanks anyways Fitz

(Jake and Jenna leave the Dot, and get into his truck)

Jenna: So we're dealing with a real criminal! What are we going to do!

Jake: Do what most people do! Call the cops, and start investigating!

(Jake grabs the phone, and starts dialing numbers. The scene ends)

Main PlotEdit

Fiona and Peter are making out at the dot when mia walks in

Mia: Peter, Fiona

Peter: Mia what are you doing hear

Mia: i came back for Issabella`s high school year i want her to be at Degrassi.

Fiona: r u 2 still dating im srry i thought you guys broke up im sorry i gotta go

'Peter:' no were not dating i like you fiona not her ok sweetie

Fiona: thank God i thought i did something wrong again in my life but i love you sweetie

Peter: I love you too.

Fourth PlotEdit

Audra: Dinner

Christian: do u have enough for all of us or is it like the orphans home

Audra: we always have enough for everyone

Christian: i love it here

Adam: now i feel grateful for what i have and i dont care if im transgender

Audra: drew come down it`s dinner time

Drew: ok

Audra: come tell us that big news you were gonna tell us

Drew: lets start eating first:

Christian: can i say grace

Audra: well thats a lovely idea

Christian: i am thankful for this lovely food and for this nice family to bring me here today.

Everyone: Amen

Everyone starts eating. When everyone is almost done Audra say`s whats the big news

Drew: Bianca`s pregnet and i`m the dad


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