This is the 3 episode of season 13 of degrassi and 3 overal

Written By: Nlsoccer21 and Scooter 14
Created By: Nlsoccer21

Directed By: Nlsoccer21 and Scooter 14

Previous Episode: I Gotta Good Feeling Part 1 Next Episode: It`s Our Genaration


Fiona and Peter and Eli and Imogen go on a double date in Niagra Falls. Jake and Jenna try and uncover who stole the money and wood. Ellie and Kaitlyn Nash try and cheer up Josh after his breakup with Tori. Katie comes to visit Maya and meets Mark Fitzgerald and is in love.

Main PlotEdit

Katie opens the door to her family`s house, it`s dark as soon as she walks in

Everyone: Suprise

Katie: Thanks guys I love you so much

Maya and Zig: Welcome back

Katie: Hi who is that outside

Maya: I think that is Fitz the guy that works at the Dot

Katie: Hay he is cute im going to talk to him

Fitz: Hey Katie

Katie: Hey do u wanna go to Little Miss Stakes

Fitz: Sure but one sec

Fitz goes to a elderly house and gives them cookies

Sub PlotEdit

Josh is kicking a soccerball around when Ellie come`s over

Ellie: Are you okay

Josh: 'I dont 'want to talk about it

Ellie: I`m sorry Tori picked Connor over you but that's 'how life is okay

Kaitlyn: He`ll get over it

Josh: Now i dont know what is next in my life

Ellie: Why dont you hang out with Finn

Josh: That little niner gay weirdo?

Kaitlyn: Your just jealous his dad is the teacher

Ellie: Both of you stop it Marco and Paige are coming with us for our reunion in Florida

Kaitlyn: I cant wait to see Manny Santos and Mia Jones the actress and model

Josh: I`m just gonna focus on my soccer skills

Ellie: Soot youreslf

Third PlotEdit

Audra: Bianca is pregnet and you got her pregent

Drew: I`m sorry mom

Adam: so I`m gonna be an Uncle

Drew: yes and i`m the dad

Audra: how dare you have sexted

Drew: I`m sorry

Adam: I belive him and I think he is old enough

Audra: I do to, but you didnt use protection

Bianca knocks on the door

Drew: and that is her now

Bianca: Did you tell them

Drew: Yea

Fourth PlotEdit

(Jake and Jenna are at the wood shop. Mr. Turner, dave's dad, is asking questions, while other policemen are investigating)

Mr. Turner: Okay kids, how did all this happen?

Jake: Well... I went on a triple date with Jenna, Dave, Alli, and another couple

Jenna: We came back, and the place was robbed.

Mr. Turner: I never liked Alli. Anyways, here's whats going to happen. Since you can't take care of the store properly, I am going to have too send an inspector every month to check on the store. If another robbery happens, the store will be shut down, are we clear?

Jake: Got it sir!

Mr. Turner: Did we find anything yet?

Officer: No!

Mr. Turner: If you happen to find the copperate, let me know. We can get him in handcuffs and send them to jail immediatley. Alright men, were leaving! Let's go get some donuts!

(Officers leave)

Jenna: This can't happen!

Jake: Well, the inspector is the best for now. Let's get some clues.

(Fitz rushes into the shop)

Fitz: I think i know who stole your stuff? I saw them with it.

Jake/Jenna: Who??

Main PlotEdit

Fitz call`s Katie

Fitz: Hey baby

Katie: Guess what

Fitz: what

Katie: My college is doing a project for people who need help and i found you a house

Fitz: thats amazing

Katie: It`s next to degrassi and also I convinced Simpson to let you back on Degrassi property so you can pick up Jack from school

Fitz: oh katie I love you

Katie: I love you too I will show you the house tommorrow

Fitz: I`m dealing with a family crisis so next week is that alright

Katie: Of course see you soon

Sub PlotEdit

Kaitlyn: Hey lets go to Marco`s house and hang with them

Josh: Fine But dont repeat what I said about Finn

Kaitlyn: Come on LOSER

Elli: Let`s go come on hit the road

Third PlotEdit

Drew: Hi everyone knows Bianca and Bianca that is Christian

Bianca: Hi christian r u ready for Degrassi

Christian: Yes I am

Drew: I have one More thing Bianca Desousa will you marry me

Drew kneels down on one knee and pulls out a ring

Bianca: Of course

They hug and then Audra say`s Welcome to the family

Bianca: I cant belive this I`m so excited

Adam and Christian: welcome

Audra: Group hug

They all hug and then the scene ends

Forth PlotEdit

(Fitz, Jake, and Jenna walk toward a dirty lot where the Fitzgeralds live, like the street Anson was killed)

Jake: 911 I found the theif, he's in Toronto Street.

Jenna: Thank you Fitz

Fitz: He's right here!

(His brother, Jack is sitting down by the fire)

Jake: You did this Fitz?

Jenna: You liar!

Fitz: No, just listen to my brother, he will tell you everything!

Jack: While Fitz was gone, I left our little hut right here to follow my path to school, since I forgot something I needed. I walk to school since Mark can't afford a car. As I was walking, I was beginning to get hungry, and cold. On my way back from school I saw the shop was never locked, so I went in and took some money and wood. I spent the money on food, matches, and some new clothes. (he begins to cry) I didn't mean to take it! We needed some money to help us survive. Even with Fitz' salary at The Dot, their is no way we could ever afford a house. Fitz' why did you even turn me in?

Fitz: You can't take peoples things, especially when it belongs to a store. You committed a crime by doing this. I thought turning you in was the only way you could learn your lession.

Jack: I'm sorry, i didn't mean to do it!

Jake: Well, I already called the cops saying someone took it. I also told them you were here. They're on their way right now, and will be here any minute.

(Police arrive. Mr. Turner gets out of his car. Jack crys some more)

Mr. Turner: Good work Martin, you make a better cop then you do a store owner.

Jake: He is right their. The small one.

Jenna: So what's going to happen now?

Mr. Turner: You all are gonna have to come to the station for some questioning. The two of you, and Fitzy their will be in one car, the criminal will be in another.

Jack: Am I going to jail?

Mr. Turner: Big time little one. Your just like your brother.

Fitz: I really screwed up!

Jenna: But for once in your life, you did the right thing!

(Jack goes into one car, while the other three go in another. The cars drive away)


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