Issabella Jones is Mia Jones`s daughter who is a freshman (Grade 9) She is friendly to her peers and knows when to take out her bad side. She is friends with Maya Matlin, Tori Santamaria, Gwen Alexander and Finn Del Rossi. She is dating Tom Mason.


Character HistoryEdit

In It`s Our Genaration 1, She waves to Jenna Middleton and Maya Matlin and they wave back. When Jenna and Maya get to the music room they see Issabella in there with Ms. Oh. Winnie suggest that Issabella joins there band. Issabella sings A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez. Jenna and Maya are impressed and let her in, they shake on it

In Somebody To Love 1, Issabella stops Tom from running down the hall and helps him locate his class. At lunch, they talk about thier parents' history.

In Somebody To Love 2, Issabella meets Tom at Little Miss Steaks without knowing this is a date. Afterwards, the two start a relationship outside of the resturant and talk to Finn when he shows up.


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