It`s Our Genaration
Written By: Nlsoccer21, Scooter14, Ivana Loves Zelda and more
Directed By: Nlsoccer21, Scooter14, Ivana Loves Zelda
Last Episode: I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2 Next Episode It`s Our Genaration 2


Dave and Alli are ready for a new drama senior year but when Mr. Turner and Sav is being held at death at the Ravine will they be able to save him or will someone else do first. Clare and Adam are so happy this year but when Adam is afraid about how Christian will get through his first day but Clare calms him down or Not! Jenna, and Maya are back at singing class right away but when the new niner Issabella wants to be in their bad but does she have what it takes. Kaitlyn meets Devin the new kid and has a crush on him but is he ready for a relationship but he obviously trust her becaus he told her about his father, Matt Gardner. It is Tori and Connor`s 6 month aniversery but will Tori find a good enough present for what she did to Connor int he past, she goes to Maya and Zig for help. Josh spies on Connor and trys to act like him to get girls but will Ellie catch him when she see`s Josh spying on Connor at The Dot? Christian`s first day but it looks like he is not the only one really nervous Luke the new autistic boy befriends Christian, and Christian starts a rivalry with Zig but Luke likes him will this turn into a friend triangle. Tristan is ready for another year at school when he meets his boyfriend from this summer he is so suprised that he transfered to degrassi but will Derek say no gay guys on the Football team which Joey really wants to be on, will Jane and Marco talk some sense into him. Tom is ready for his first year at degrassi but when he meets his old friend Finn that he met at there parents last year reunion and when Issabella develops feelings for Tom what will Tom think. Jack is bailed out of jail by Katie and Maya but is he going to be good at school Mr. Simpson assigns Ellie to watch him.

1 Plot- Dave, Mr. Turner, Alli, and Sav by Nlsoccer21 and Ivana Loves ZeldaEdit

It`s dark outside and Dave finds Alli at the Dot the night before school starts

Alli: Dave!

Dave: Hey baby what's up

Ali: Bad bad bad news dear, I herd that Sav and your dad are in danger i don't know what to do.

dave: Oh crap my dad & and your bro? we gotta do something

Alli : I know i know but we gotta be carful and hangtight

Dave: I'll be with you every step of the way Ali: Oh thank you!

Dave: So let`s check the Ravine

Alli: Ok but bring that bat

Dave: Ok

Dave picks up the bat and they hed to the Ravine

Part 2 of Plot 1Edit

Dave and Alli arrive at the Ravine and hear yelling

Sav: Help

Alli: Sav where are you

Sav: By the dumpster

Dave: Thats over there

Alli: Let`s go

They find Mr. Turner`s gun and Dave picks it up and gives the bat to Alli

Alli bends down and finds Sav`s phone and see`s that he texted Ms. Oh to get help

Mr. Turner: Is Dave with you

Dave: Yes we`re gonna find you dad

Suddenly theres a sound coming from somewhere

Dave: What was that

Alli: I have no idea

Part 3 of Plot 1Edit

Alli turns around to find Ms. Oh creeping the woods

Alli: It`s just Ms. Oh

Ms. Oh: Kids be careful we`re gonna charge at them I`m gonna let them get me

Alli and Dave: You cant do that it`s too risky

Ms. Oh: I`m doing it anyway

Ms. Oh rushes toword the direction Sav is in but she eventually stops and screams Dave and Alli run towords her

Alli: Sav

Dave: Dad

Killer: Go home now and you wont get hurt

Dave: Not without my dad

Dave takes the gun and shoots him right in the arm

Alli releases Sav and Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner: Let`s go come on

Sav: Wait where is Ms. Oh

They all look around to find her on the ground shot in the shoulder

Sav: Ms. Oh!

Mr. Turner: Lets get her to a hospital quick

They carry her up and take her to her car They drive to the hospital

Part 4 of Plot 1Edit

At the hospital Sav looks worried

Doctor: She is a living miracle

Sav: Can I see her

Doctor: Yes but only you and she will be back in school by tomorrow okay

Mr. Turner: I will watch over her and make sure she is okay

Sav walks into her the room she`s in

Sav: Hey how you doing

Ms. Oh: Great thanks to you

Sav: It`s all my fault i should have just risked myself I`m so stupid I.....

Ms. Oh gives him a kiss and Sav kisses back. Then the scene ends.

2 Plot- Clare and Adam by Nlsoccer21 Edit

Adam is on the bus trying to make sure Christian isnt listening. He calls Clare

Clare: Hello

Adam: I`m afraid about Christian`s first day

Clare: I told you not to worry

Adam: I know but i`m worried that he might get bullied like i did

Clare: Hey dont think like that

Adam: I gotta go I`m getting oof the bus

Clare: see you in English

Adam: Okay love you

Clare: Love you too

Clare: Bye

Adam: Bye

Part 2 of Plot 2Edit

Adam finds Clare at English classEdit

Clare: Can you stop worrying about Christian

Adam: I`m trying but we need to look at him and see what he is doing

Clare: I`m sure that he will make friends right away you did

Adam: But I also made enemies

Clare: How many people like Mark and Owen are there in this world

Adam: I know but I`m gonna spy on him at lunch

Clare: I`m coming to, to make sure you dont do anything he is not gonna like

Adam: Ok but we have to be very secret

Clare: Of course

Adam: I always know I can count on you

Clare: You always can

Part 3 of Plot 2Edit

They go to the Dot to find Christian with some of his friends

Adam: Isn`t that Zig

Clare: Yes but we shouldnt be doing this

Adam: Give me one good reason

Clare: Because if he can`t face this then he probably cant face anyhting else that might go wrong in his life ask Bianca it`s not easy being in that kinda crowd if he can handle that he can handle this

Adam: I think I almost just made the biggest mistake ever

Clare: What would you do without me

Adam: I`d probably be still in my weird clothes and I wouldn`t be Vice Prez because you encouraged me to run for Vice President.

They both hug and go home.

3 Plot- Jenna, Maya, Issabella, and Winnie by Nlsoccer21Edit

Jenna and Maya are getting off different buses when they see each other.

Jenna: MAYA!

Maya: JENNA!

Jenna: So how was your summer

Maya: Great and guess what

Jenna: What

Maya: Me and Zig are dating

Jenna: thats so amazing

Maya: Thanks and what about you

Jenna: I got my baby back

Maya: OMG I love him congratulations

Jenna: Thanks so how is Katie doing

Maya: Good she`s fine let`s go say hi to Ms. Oh

Jenna: Lets`s go

They go inside to the school and see Issabella she waves and they wave back

Part 2 of Plot 3Edit

Jenna and Maya walk in the music room and see issabella in there with Ms. Oh

Ms. Oh: Hi girls this is Issabella she wants to be in your band\

Jenna: Um let her tryout at lunch

Issabella: Thanks

Issabella leaves

Jenna: Is she good because usually niners dont have good voices

Maya: What about me

Jenna: Except you

Maya: I say lets give her a shot

Ms. Oh: She would be a great addition to your band her mom is Mia Jones

Jenna: I know her she used to go here

Maya: Let`s just give her a chance please\

Jenna: Ok

Ms. Oh: Great because I talked to Peter Stone and he said you could play at Above The Dot it`s reopening

Maya: That`s great but what is Above The Dot

Jenna Chuckles

Jenna: Don`t worry let`s go

Part 3 of Plot 3Edit

Jenna and Maya walk into the music room to see Issabella setting up

Jenna: Your early

Issabella: Couldnt wait

Maya: Let`s get started

Jenna: Lets!

Issabella: I`m gonna sing A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez

Jenna: Start


Jenna That was amazing

Maya: I know right

Jenna: Your in

They shake on it

4 Plot- Devin and KaitlynEdit

Devin get`s on his bus and he looks beat up he looks for a seat no one would share a seat with him

Kaitlyn: You could sit hear

Devin doesn`t say anyhting but just sit`s down

Devin: Thanks

Kaitlyn: How did you get that brewse on your face

Devin ignores her

The bus stops and they all get off

Part 2 of Plot 4Edit

Kaitlyn: Hey you wanna sit next to me

Devin: Me

Kaitlny: Yea cant we be friends I`m Kaitlyn

Devin: I`m Devin

He sits down

Devin: Can I tell you something

Kaitlyn: Of course

Devin: The reason I have a bruise is my father

Kaitlyn: Oh I`m so sorry

Devin: Don`t be

Kaitlyn: Can I tell you something

Devin: Yea

Kaitlyn: I have a crush on you

Devin: I gotta go

Kaitlyn: Wait

Part 3 of Plot 4Edit

Kaitlyn is ready to go when she see`s Devin

Kaitlyn: Why did you run off earlier

Devin: It`s just I kinda like you too

Kaitlyn: Then how about we hold hands

He grabs her and

Kaitlyn: What is that bump on your hand

Devin: My father

Kaitlyn: Look how about we just stay here for a while

They both go behind the bus and start kissing. The scene ends

5 Plot- Connor, Tori, Zig, and Maya by Nlsoccer21Edit

Tori see`s Zig and Connor talking and rushes over to Maya

Tori: Maya hey why didnt you answer my call this morning

Maya: Do you even know what day it is

Tori: Yea it`s my anniversery with Connor and I need a present by tonight

Maya: Ok well I`ll help you find one at lunch

Zig and Connor head toword Maya and Tori

Connor: Happy 6 month anniversery

Tori: I know and how about we all celebrate tonight

They all nod

Tori: Great I`ll see you guys in homeroom'

Maya and Connor: Yea sure

Zig: So what are you getting him because he got you something really expensive

Tori: I dont have anything what does he want

Zig: I will tell you at lunch because me and Maya will help you find something even if we chip in

Tori: I will never forget friends like you two

Zig: Thanks you too.

Part 2 of Plot 5Edit

Zig waits at his new car when he spies Tori and Maya

Zig: Let`s hit the road where are we going

Maya: We`re going to the sneaker store

Tori: We are

Maya: Trust me

Zig: Ok let`s go

They drive away. They arrive at the sneaker store

Zig: Here we are

Maya: I found them

Tori: What did you find

Maya: Those

Maya points to a cool pair of sneakers


Tori and ZIg: WOW!

Part 3 of Plot 5Edit

Connor and Zig knock on Tori`s door.

Tori and Maya: Welcome

Connor: Hey

Connor and Tori kiss

Tori: Come on in

Zig: Ok

They all sit down on the couch

Connor: I got you something

He pulls out a gift wrapped box

Tori: So do I

She pulls out a gift wrapped box

They exchange gifts

Tori opens it


Tori: OMG thaks so much

Connor: Your welcome

Tori: Your turn

Connor opens the box

Connor: Oh My God! I LOVE YOU


They both hug and the scene ends.

6 Plot- JoshEdit

Part 1 of Plot 6Edit

Josh enters off the bus and hides behind a bush and stares at Connor and Tori

Marco: Hey Josh

Josh: Hey

Marco: Why are you hiding behind a bush

Josh stares at Tori and Connor

Marco: I get it you like her but she is dating him

Josh: Preety much

Marco: I`ve been there before but with all guys

Josh: Yea but it feels so wrong

Marco: The heart wants what the heart wants but sometimes doing what is right overtakes the power of the heart

Josh: That is really good advice

Marco: Hey anytime kidddo

Josh: Thanks again

Josh and Marco walk into school. The scene ends

7 Plot- Christian, Luke, and a little bit of ZigEdit

Part 1 of Plot 7Edit

Christian walks off his bus and taks a deep breath and then heads into the school. He walk into his classroom and sits next to Luke and Zig who seem to be fighting

Luke: Hi i`m Luke I`m new hear

Christian: Me to I`m Christian

Zig: Hi Christian I`m Zig and i`m not new

Christian: Funny

Zig: Not really

Christian: So who is who around here

Luke: That`s what I wanted to know

Zig: Clare is the queen bee of the school and the president

Luke: Does she have a boyfriend

Zig: Just this guy named Adam, probably a weirdo, I hear he is transgender

Christian: That`s my brother

Zig: Your brothers with Drew and Adam Torres

Christian: Yes i`m Christian Torres

Luke: Well this is awkward

Zig: How about we be friends

Christian and Luke give a nod.

Part 2 of Plot 7Edit

All 3 of them go to The Dot

Zig: So Luke what`s your home life like

Luke: Can I tell you guys something secret

Christian: I`m all ears

Luke: I`m autistic

Zig: You are well it doesnt matter

Christian: Yea it doesnt, can I tell you guys something

They both nod

Christian: I`m transgender and Mrs. Torres adopted me last week

Zig: Oh so you are like Adam

Luke: It`s not gonna matter to anyone your always one of the guys

Christian: Thanks i`m relived my brother got bullied but thats not my case

Zig: Let`s be grateful it isn`t

They all smile. The scene ends

8 Plot- Joey and TristanEdit

Tristan walks into the LGBT club and finds his boyfriend Joey from this summer

Tristan: Joey what are you doing hear? how are you?

Joey: I transferred suprise and I`ve been doing good

Tristan: This is gonna be so fun

Joey: I know

Tristan: The leader of the LGBT club is Adam but next year it might be me

Joey: Thats great and who are your friends

Tristan: My best friend is Tori but i`m also friends with Adam, Clare, and Maya

Joey: Oh isn`t Clare the president

Tristan: Yes and Adam is the Vice

Joey: Hey in our senior year me and you

Tristan: Definetly

They both kiss and sit down in there chairs

Part 2 of Plot 8Edit

Tristan and Joey go to The Dot

Joey: I really missed you

Tristan: I know me too

They start kissing, and the scene ends.

9 Plot- Tom, Finn and IssabellaEdit

This plot will be in further episodes: TBA and TBA

10 Plot- Jack and Ellie- By Scooter14Edit

Plot 10 Part 1Edit

(Jack is sitting in a cell, writing in a diary)

Jack (in his thoughts): Dear Diary! I hate my life. I hate the people in it that make it worse. If I were to ever to get out of here, the first thing i would do is plan my revenge. I would start with the cop, then jenna, jake, and fitz! I know he is my own brother, but what goes around comes around is what they say now and days!

Officer: Jack Fitzgerald, you've been bailed, your lucky!

Jack: Who would bail me?

Officer: Some good friends of yours!

(He walks outside and sees Katie and Maya. He doesn't know then at all)

Katie: Hey Jack! I'm Katie, and this is Maya! You might not know me, but I'm a friend of your brothers.

Maya: He didn't have enough, so we helped him out. He regret sending you to the cops.

Katie: Come on Maya, we have to drive Jack back home, or you'll be late to school

Jack: Don't worry. My brother is using most of his salary to keep me in school. I am on a reduced lunch program, cause he can't afford lunches.

Katie: Less work for me! Let's go!

Jack (in his thoughts): Scratch Fitz off that list. I'm ready to start my first day at Degrassi. Sincerely, Jack Fitzgerald.

Plot 10 Part 2Edit

(Ellie is walking around school working as a teacher)

Simpson: Ellie, can I talk to you.

Ellie: Sure! What can I do?

Simpson: I want you to keep an eye out for a student. He just got released from jail, and he isn't school material. His brother got expelled from here, and I don't like him.

Ellie: I will try my best!

Simpson: Good, and report to me like a journalist. Your job depends on this.

Ellie: I won't let you down.

(Simpson leaves)

Ellie: Well, i better get started!

Plot 10 Part 3Edit

(Ellie see's Jack writing in his journal)

Ellie: You like to write?

Jack: I feel different when I write.

Ellie: What are you writing about?

Jack: Nothing really.

Ellie: Just tell me!

Jack: Nothing! It's personal!

(Ellie grabs his diary)

Ellie: You wanna kill people, do you?

Jack: No!

Ellie: I'm not gonna tell!

Jack: Fine! I hate my life. I thought it would get better if I try it!

Ellie: Killing people makes it worse. See that guy on the memorial? Yeah, he was killed!

Jack: I know now!

Ellie: You better not do it!

Jack: I won't!

Ellie: Promise?

Jack: Promise!

Ellie: Good!

Jack: This is our little secret, right?

Ellie: Yes, it will be!

(Ellie leaves. Simpson follows her)

Simpson: Is he doing anything bad?

Ellie: He's a keeper!


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