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Fiona and Peter go on a double date with Imogen and Eli in California but will this be a disaster. Drew and Bianca decide there final desicion about the baby will it go or stay? Holly J. and Declan go to Yale together but is Holly J ready or is she still mad at him. Jake and Jenna work on the shop but will they get enough wood intime or will it go out of buisness because Jack ruined the wood. Mark helps Katie go back to Yale but will losing her for a couple of moths lead to some old bad habits. Emma and Spinner try and find out what is happening with Archie, Christine, and Jack Simpson. Mia meets Ellie and they go to the reuinion together with Emma, Spinner, Marco, Paige, Jane, and Derek but will Ellie get thrown to the side by Mia, will this lead to something good or bad.

Main Plot-Mia, Ellie, Emma, Spinner, Marco, Paige, Jane, Derek, Chantay and Danny.Edit

Main Plot Part 1Edit

Mia is at home when she gets a knock on the door

Chantay: Hey

Mia: Omg what are you doing here

Chantay: I`m here to see my friend duh

Mia: Omg I wanted to see you but I was just gonna wait and see if you were going to Danny`s reunion

Chantay: Yes because I married him and have an adotped kid named Zoey, who is 13

Mia; Thats great I`m going because of you guys

Chantay: Really then why dont you come with us

Mia: Us who

Chantay walk outside and Mia follows and then a party van with Danny, Emma, Spinner, Marco, Jane, amd Derek pull up

Emma: Are you coming or what

Chantay: Well

Mia: Hellz yeah

They laugh and go into the van.

Sub Plot Part 1Edit

Mark leads Katie into her car and watches her leave to go back to Yail

Mark: Well I might as well go party with the old crew right

He calls Bianca and Owen

Bianca and Owen: Hey

Mark: Do you guys wanna go party with me tonight because of my depression

Bianca: Can`t boyfriend issues sorry

Owen: Be there in a bit Fitz boy

He hangs up and drives away

Main Plot Part 2Edit

They all walk out of there van and step into a big room

Emma: It`s gonna be so hard not to get wasted in this place

Mia: Well school is school right

Spinner: What do I care lets party

They all go in and start dancing with the rest of the crowd

Mia comes up to Ellie

Mia: Hi wanna be best friends like we`re in 11th grade again

Ellie: Sure

They start dancing when Marco comes up and Mia attacks him and starts kissing himinto another room by themselves without Ellie noticing

Sub Plot and Third Plot- Fiona, Peter, Imogen, Eli, Katie, FitzEdit

This will be in a further episode named Somebody To Love 1

Fourth Plot-Holly J. and DeclanEdit

Fourth Plot Part 1Edit

The song Found love in a hopeless place comes on

Holly J. gets waked up by her phone. She looks and its from Declan

Holly J. to herself: Ugggg

The song ends and the theme song starts.

Fourth Plot Part 2Edit

Holly J. looks out her wndow to find Declan standing in her driveway

Declan: Holly J. I missed you

Holly J: I know ill be right down

She walks downstairs and opens the door there is no one there

Holly J: Declan where are you

Declan jumps out from a bush and says BOOOO

Holly J: Nice try but it will take more than that

Declan: How about a horror movie

Holly J: If this is your way of asking me out on a date then the answer is no

Declan: So you do have feelings for me

Holly J. looks at him and then a commercial comes on

Plot Four Part 3Edit

Declan looks at Holly J. with a serious look. Holly J gives him a kiss on the cheek

Holly J: Lets go Yale is waiting for us

Declan: Yes it is

They go inside and Declan says Come on I will help you pack. Holly J smiles and gives him a kiss then the song Grenade comes on. They keep kissing and then they stop and start packing but Holly J gives a quick thanks to god.

Fith Plot-Jack, Archie, Christine, and kinda Emma and SpinnerEdit

Jack starts groaning in the middle of the night and starts screaming when Christine comes in

Christine: Whats wrong baby

Jack: I dont know

He starts screaming and crying

Archie: Whats wrong

Archie: Lets get him to the hospital come on lets go

They lift him up and take him to the car and drive away

Plot 5 Part 2Edit

Archie and Christine are waiting in the doctors office

Archie: I wanna know whats wrong

Christine: You think I dont

Archie: Let`s not fight, Hey doctor what`s going on

Doctor Chris: I don`t know I just got back from Africa

Christine: Tell me what is wrong wih my child

Doctor Chris: Let me go see

Doctor Chris goes into the room and closes the door behind him

Doctor Chris walks out with a bad look on his face

Doctor Chris: Your son has heart problems it may be a tumor we have to do some testing

Christine starts crying and Archie comforts her

Archie: He`s gonna be alright

Christine: I know, I know

Plot 5 Part 3Edit

Archie and Christine are talking at home when Emma comes down the stairs

Archie: Emma when did you get hear

Emma: I`m back because of the reuinon duh, whats going on where`s Jack

Christine: He is sleeping over his new friend chris`s house

Emma: Ok I`m gonna go to The Dot to see Spin see ya

Emma leaves and Archie gives a look at Christine

Sixth Plot-Jake and JennaEdit

The song It`s My Life by Chris Daughtry comes on

Jake screams This is all wrong, then Jenna rushes over

Jenna: Jake I have some good and bad news

Jake: What is the bad news

Jenna: If we dont find 500 peices of wood by Sunday

Jake: This is all wrong

Jenna: I know but we can do it together

Jake: Thanks but i think i`m doing this by myself and besides you gotta pick up Tyson from daycare

Jenna: So is that why you have been acting wierd lately because Tyson is too much work

Jake gives grin and puts his head down in a frown

Jenna: We`re done

She storms out and starts crying

Plot 6 Part 2Edit

Jake calls Jenna and there is no answer

Jake cuts down a tree and says to himself jackpot

Drew: Hey who is that

He walks up to the woods to find Jake

Jake: Drew it`s just me

Drew: What are you doing here

Jake: Finding wod

Drew: Hey if you want wood come with me

They go into a shed and Drew opens the door, inside is 500 pieces of wood

Jake: How much

Drew: I will give it for free

Jake: No i will give you 250 for it

Drew: No you dont need to

Jake: Consider it a baby gift and a marrige gift

Drew: Ok i`m not gonna be foolish enogh to turn down money

Jake: Ok thanks again and stay in touch mabye it could be like old times

Jake gets in his truck and leaves

Plot Seven-Drew and BiancaEdit

Bianca walks into her and Clare`s house and when she comes in she hears suprise

Bianca: Omg Clare what is this

Clare: It`s a suprise baby shower, and we got a suprise for you

Bianca turns to find Owen and Imogen on a split screen

Bianca: How did you do this

Drew: It was set up by me, Eli, and Owen your welcome

They hug when a knock on the door comes, Clare opens the door to find Jenna there crying

Clare: What are you doing here Jenna, what`s the matter

Jenna: Me and Jake broke up I tried calling Alli but she was busy

Bianca: Well we`re kinda in the middle of My baby shower so

Jenna: Your pregnet,

Bianca: Yea but its none of your buisnes

Jenna: Well dont keep it, it`s endless torture

She cries and runs away

Plot 7 Part 2Edit

Bianca is in shock and is looking confused

Clare: Well party`s over bye guys and Drew and B, i`ll let you two be alone

Everyone leaves and Bianca starts crying

Drew: What`s wrong

Bianca: I didnt know keeping a baby will be that bad

Drew: So you want to get rid of it

Bianca nods and Drew look`s mad

Drew: Your so selfish, I`m not going to be with you on this

Bianca: So we`re done

Drew nods and leaves Bianca crying on the living room floor