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Jake Martin is a graduate of Degrassi. He is the owner of Jake`s Wood Suplies and is friends with Drew Torres, Eli Goldsworthy, Bianca Desousa, Owen Milligan, Katie Matlin, Marisol Lewis, and K.C. Guthrie. She is in a relationship with Jenna Middleton and raising Tyson Middleton with her.

Character HistoryEdit

He is first seen in I`m All In when he and Jenna goes on a triple date with Dave, Alli, Adam, and Clare.They see Mark beat up Adam. He looks shocked.

In I Gotta Good Feeling (1) Jenna walks into the wood shop and sees Jake upset. Jake tells her that the wood shop had been robbed. They try to track down clues, and the answers lead to Fitz; cause of the big fight at their date. Jake and Jenna go to the Dot to find him, but find out that he didnt take the wood or money. Jake soon realizes that he is dealing with a real criminal, and starts to call the police.

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2, They are being asked questions by Mr.Turner and they say that they were on a date and when we came back the wood and money was gone. Then Fitz comes in and say`s he thinks he knows who it is they say who and then the scene ends. They go to a bad strret near the street Anson was killed he say`s that his brother stole the stuff and Jack admits it and say`s he didnt mean it then Mr. Turner comes and [[Jack Fitzgerald|Jack] is taken into a police car and is taken away while him, Fitz, and Jenna follow them in another police car.

In It`s Our Genarartion 2, He say`s that he needs more wood to keep his shop going and Jenna comforts hima nd he says that he wants to do it alone. They get into a fight about Tyson which leads to there breakup. He cuts down a tree and screams yes when Drew comes over and offers him a whole shed full of wood Jake offers to give him money but Drew says no but Jake gives it to him anyway as a baby gift.

In Whatever it Takes, He is seen reading with Tyson when Jenna takes K.C. to school. Later he attends K.C.'s welcome back party. In part 2, he, Clare, and Jenna pick up Eli and Imogen from the airport.

He will return for season 14. He may decide whether to let K.C. stay or not.

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