K.C. Guthrie is the Ex father of Tyson Middleton, and the ex boyfriend of Jenna Middleton. He moved to Austrailia with his mom and left his Tyson with Jenna and Jake. He was friends with Dave Turner, Drew Torres, Conner Deslauriers, and Alli Bhandari. He came back in Somebody To Love 1.


Character History.Edit

As a former Senior of Degrassi, K.C. got Tyson back but he chose Jenna to take care of him alongside Jake. He went to Austrailia with his mother, which explains why he left Tyson with Jenna and Jake.

In Somebody To Love 1, He knocks on Jenna and Jakes door and Jake answers and sees K.C. there with a suitcase and soaked with little clothes on.

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