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Katie Matlin is a graduate of Degrassi and a freshman at Yale. She is Maya Matlin`s sister and like to visit ALOT, its mostly becuase she wants to spy on Drew Torres and Bianca Desousa. She is dating Mark Fitzgerald.

Character HistoryEdit

Katie is first seen in I Gotta Good Feeling (2) when she opens the door to her family`s house. Her family and Zig welcome her back, and suprise her. She looks outside, and wonders who the mysterious man is outside. She later finds out it is Mark Fitzgerald. Katie decides to leave the party to go talk to him. She asks him out on a date, and he says yes, but first he helps an elderly home out by giving them food. Later, Katie recieves a call from Fitz. Katie has some exciting news to tell him; that Yale is doing a project for people who need help finding a home, and she finds him one! Fitz is amazed that he has a home. She tells him it`s next to degrassi and that she convinced Simpson to let him back on Degrassi property so he can pick up Jack from school. Fitz tells Katie he loves her, and she does the same. She offers to show him the house tomorrow; but is denied and changed to next week because he is dealing with a family crisis.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, She is seen with her siser, Maya Matlin bailing Jack Fitzgerald out of jail.

In Whatever it Takes, Katie comes out of her house crying when Fitz and Jack pull up in their new but not fashionized car. Fitz is upset and about to break up with Katie when she said she still cares about Drew and hates Bianca. A second later, she apologizes and they stay together but when Fitz and Jack head to school, Katie begins more spying on Drew and Bianca.

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