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Mark Fitgerald is a former bully who is in his senior year while overprotecting his younger brother, Jack Fitzgerald, who is a freshman. He is friends with Bianca Desousa and Owen Milligan and he is dating Katie Matlin. He is enemies with Eli Goldsworthy and Adam Torres.

Character HistoryEdit

He is first seen in I`m All In, He is at The Dot when he see`s that Clareand Adam are dating. So he knocks Adam out and gets into a fight with Eliand knocks him out. Imogen calls the police and he escapes. But Audra call the police again and gets him arrested for 2 days.

In I Gotta Good Feeling (1), He is seen at the Dot when Peter tells him he is in charge while he and Fiona go on their date. Later, Jake and Jenna find him and ask where their money and wood is. He doesn't know what they are talking about, and tells them he didnt take it. Jake and Jenna leave after.

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2, He is outside the Matlins house when Katie comes outside and invites him to Little Miss Stakes but he says sure one sec and gives a bag of cookies to a elderly couple. He is helping Jake and Jenna with the robbery when he finds out it was his brother Jack he calls 911 and they come and Jack is taken to a Teen Jail and is in a seperate cars then his brother.

In Whatever it Takes, him and Jack find Katie crying outside her house because of what she heard about Drew and Bianca. Fitz almost breaks up with but Katie apologizes and they stay together.