Maya Matlin is a smart and funny sophomore (Grade 10) at degrassi. She is a band geek and is in a relationship with Zig Novak and is best friends with Tori Santamaria and Jenna Middleton. She wants more this year but she doesnt know what.


Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2, Katie Matlin walks into the door and Maya and Zig Novack both yell suprise, Katie is shocked.

In It`s Our Genaration, She gets off the bus and see`s her bestest friend ever Jenna Middleton they greet each other and ask how there summer was even though they talked all summer.They went to go say hi to Winnie Oh when Issabella Jones waves, they wave back. When they get to the music room they see Issabella in there with Ms. Oh. Winnie suggest that Issabella joins there band, Jenna thinks that niners arent that good but then she say`s except for Maya. Maya convinces Jenna to let her try out. Jenna and Maya walk in to find Issabella setting up, Issabella sings A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez. Jenna and Maya are impressed and let her in, they shake on it. In her second plot. Tori points out that Connor and Zig are over there and she says that at lunch we will find him a present. Connor Deslauriers and Zig Novack walk towords Maya and Tori Santamaria. Connor say`s Happy 6 month anniversery, Tori say`s I know and how about we all celebrate tonight. They all nod, then Tori say`s Great I`ll see you guys in homeroom? Maya and Connor both say Yea sure. Then Connor and Maya walk away. At lunch her, Zig, and Tori go to the sneaker store and pick out sick sneakers then go back to school. Connor and Zig knock on Tori`s door. Tori and Maya both welcome the boys in when they get in Connor and Tori kiss. Then they all sit down on the couch. She went to the ktchen but didnt come back until the end of the scene. She is also seen with Katie Matlin bailing Jack Fitzgerald out of jail.

In Shake it Like a Pom Pom, she is paired up Tori and Issabella to work on stretches for the Power Squad. She later earns a spot in the Squad.

In Naturally, she attends the Anti-Fants meeting but disagrees with a task. She tells off Clare and leaves to warn and unexpectedly join the The Fants.



Students at Degrassi

Jenna Middleton, 2011-present, Best friend

Tori Santamaria, 2011-present, Best friend

Zig Novack, 2011-present, Boyfriend

Issabella Jones, 2013-present, Good friend

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