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The Fants and the Anti-Fants have a big battle but someone gonna have second thoughts.

The FantsEdit

Kaitlyn P, Sam, Morgan, Issabella, Jessica and Amanda meet up with Marisol at the Dot.

Marisol: Girls! Glad you showed up.

Kaitlyn P: What's up Prez?

Marisol: Fants, we have a problem.

Sam: Uh oh, who's the suspect now?

Marisol: Our new rival team, The Anti Fants

Jessica: Anti-Fans? They can't just take our name!

Marisol: Unfortunatley, they did.

Morgan: Who's in the roster?

Marisol pulls out the roster for the Anti-Fants.

Jessica: Alli and Jenna?

Amanda: Tori and Tristan?

Morgan: Why's Kaitlyn Nash and Maya on here? Their good girls.

Marisol: Some people just have a way of changing.

Issabella: Of course. Fiona and Bianca as Prez and VP.

Marisol: One more.

Issabella: Clare?! We're so outnumbered.

Marisol: They want a challenge. Wait where's Gwen?

Sam: Gwen's sick.

Marisol: What a terrible time to get sick.

Sam's phone rings.

Sam: It's Gwen. Hopefully an update on her health. Be right back.

Jessica: What's gonna happen now?

Marisol: I'll see if Katie, Chantay and Anya can pull some strings.

Morgan: Good idea.

Sam: I'm back. Gwen's gonna be in bed rest for a few days. She has the flu and we might as well surrender.

Marisol: No, Sam. The Fants won't surrender to a bunch of imposters.

The Anti-FantsEdit

Bianca, Alli, Clare, Jenna, Kaitlyn N, Tori, Tristan and Maya meet with Fiona at her loft.

Bianca: Well Fifi, emergency meeting is in session.

Fiona: Thanks for coming guys.

Alli: Anti-Fants never miss a meeting.

Fiona: Anti-Fants, we have a challenge coming and we have to work hard this week.

Jenna: When's the competition?

Bianca: Friday.

Fiona: We're gonna play dirty so since most of you is on the Power Squad use those moves. It's easier to defeat the Fants.

Tristan: Fants are going down hard.

Everyone exept Maya agree.

Maya: Wait, why take the Power Squad moves instead of making our own?

Tori: Because the Fants will be thrown off.

Maya: Some of them are also on the Power Squad.

Kaitlyn N: Yeah but we're better cheerleaders.

Maya: And they're better dancers which means we have to be creative.

Clare: Don't give them credit!

Maya: Don't raise you're voice at me! Too bad you're not on the Squad anyways so you should stay quiet.

Clare: You know for an artsy band geek, you're so crappy!

Maya: And for a girl who had relationships with you're own step brother and tried to screw him last year, you're a bitch!!

Maya grabs her stuff and leaves.

Tristan: What's her damage?

Kaitlyn N: She wants to play fair.

Fiona: We don't care what she wants because we're the Anti-Fants.

Bianca: You ok Clare?

Clare: Yeah. Words can't hurt me. I don't care what people think anymore.

Bianca: Good. Keep your head in the game.

Maya and The FantsEdit

The next day, Maya arrives at the Fants meeting.

Marisol: Well if it isn't one of the rival now.

Amanda: Aren't you suppose to be with the Anti-Fants?

Maya: I quit the Anti-Fants.

Marisol: What? Why?

Maya: They're trying to cheat for the challenge by using Power Squad moves.

Jessica: Say what?

Marisol: Wait? Why are you telling us this?

Maya: Marisol, I love playing fair.

Sam: She's right.

Marisol: Wanna join our team?

Maya: But Tori and Tristan will hate me.

Kaitlyn P: No they won't. Amanda and I will take care of them.

Maya: Cool thanks.

Marisol: Welcome to The Fants.

Maya: It is a pleasure.