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The new coaches are hear Anya and Chantay but there still is a capton. It`s time for Power Squad tryouts but who will make it the people already in are

People trying out

Football time is next week and so is all other sports

First PlotEdit

The scene begins with all of the girls running into the gym

Then they all sit down and Chantay, Anya, Jenna, do a great cheer

Jenna: I could take it from here girls

Chantay and Anya leave and wish everyone good luck

Jenna: I want you to pair into 3`s and do the same cheer we did,

Maya, Tori, and Issabella pair up toether and start working together

Alli, Kaitlyn, and Jamie , they look like proffesionals when they start going

Clare, Rebecca, and Sarah, they look sloppy and Clare doesnt look happy

Jessica M, Amanda, and Morgan, go and they look okay

Tristan just does his own cheer by himself

Part 2Edit

Jenna is looking around to find who is doing best and finds Tori who is slacking at her jumping jacks

Jenna: Hey come on work it, work it

Tori: I`m done with you and I thought Marisol was hard on me

Jenna: I`m ten times as better as Marisol

Tori: Prove it

Jenna: Okay everyone indivisual time show me what you got everyone line up in the hallway

They all go into the hallway and line up. Clare goes first and when she comes out she seem`s sad

Jenna: Next

Tori walks in and does two front handsprings a backflip, two back handsprings and ends it with a split

Tori: Still think i`m slacking now

Jenna gives a devious look and when Tori leaves she smiles and checks yes next to her name

They skip all of the rest of the indivisuals but just play it fastly so you can only see them for 1.5 seconds

Part 3Edit

Jenna lets them all back in and say`s the new co-capton of the team is......

Chantay and Anya walk in and sit down really qickly

Chantay: Sorry we`re late

Jenna: As I was saying the new co-capton is Tori Santamaria

Tori: Omg let me give you a hug

She gets up gives her a hug then sits back down

Jenna: Two sides

Jenna: The first side is Clare, Sarah, and Rebecca

Jenna: The second side is well the rest and the Mascot is Zig Novack

Zig: Yes I did it, I did it

They all shoosh him then turn back to Jenna

Jenna: Group two you have mad it, group one I`m sorry try again next year

Clare and the rest of group one leave and then Jenna say`s welcome to the 2012-2013 power squad team

Tori: Let`s go Power Squad lets go

Maya: Thats the spirit

Anya: Practice starts Tuesday and contines on every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Chantay: Welcome guys

The scene ends

Power SquadEdit

Tori Santamaria

Alli Bhandari

Maya Matlin

Kaitlyn Nash

Tristan Milligan

Jessica Murowski

Amanda Sulls

Morgan Frapp

Jamie Prutnam

Zig Novack- Mascot