Written By: Nlsoccer21, Situationman, and ParcyDriacfan788
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Last Episode:Somebody To Love 1


Drew and Bianca plan the wedding but will it go terribly wrong and someone very unexpected will come and save the day. Luke and Christian go to the doctor. Issabella and Tom go on a date set up by Finn but they dont know its a date how will this go?

Main Plot-Drew, Bianca, and VinceEdit

Drew is on the phone when Bianca walks in. He hangs up

Bianca: Who was that

Drew: Vince is out of jail

Bianca: What!

Part 2Edit

Bianca: I can't believe this!!

Drew: I can't either.

Bianca: What are we gonna do?

Drew: Well he doesn't know where we both live anymore so we may be okay.

Bianca: Hope so.

Drew: Where's the gun?

Bianca: In the closet. Why?

Drew: Just in case. They hear a sound from outside

Bianca: Please be the wing, Please be the wind

Part 3

Drew looks outside.

Drew: Oh it's just a bush.

Bianca: Thank goodness.

Second Plot-LukeEdit

Luke: So what's the results? Dr. Chris: Luke Chambers? You have improved. No tumor ever.

Christan: That's great man!

Luke: Thanks, Dr. Chris.

Dr. Chris: Anytime, Luke.

Third Plot-Issabella, Tom, and FinnEdit

Tom and Issabella meet up at Little Miss Steaks. Finn is watching from the backround.

Issabella: Hi Tom.

Tom: Hey. Finn told me you wanted to see me.

Issabella: Is this a date? He told me the same thing.

Tom: It probably is.

Issabella: Sorry. Maybe, this isn't a good idea. I should go.

Tom: No stay. I like this.

Issabella: Oh ok.

Part 2

After the date

Issabella: That was a very interesting date.

Tom: Yep thanks to Finn.

Issabella: yea.

The two smile. Issabella kisses Tom out of nowhere. They keep kissing then Finn comes out of Little Miss Steaks.

Finn: Bravo!!

Issabella and Tom: Finn!!

Finn: I knew my experiment worked. I know how to put one together.

Tom: We should pound you right now but since your "experiment" worked we cut you slack.

Finn: I was bored but you gave me something to do.

Issabella: Warning next time.

Finn: Yeah yeah.

The scene ends.

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