Tori Santamaria is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. She is a funny drama queen and is friends with Tristan Milligan, Maya Matlin, and Issabella Jones. She is portayed by Alex Steele. She is the Co-Captain of the power squad.

Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling, She and Josh Nash are at The Dot when Connor Deslauriers comes up to them and asks is she is cheating on him and Tori say`s im sorry and they forgive each other and Tori say`s to Josh we`re done and they walk off.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, She gets off the bus and see`s her best friend Maya then they see Connor Deslauriers and Zig. Zig Novack and Connor head toword Maya and Tori . Connor say`s Happy 6 month anniversery, Tori say`s I know and how about we all celebrate tonight. They all nod, then Tori say`s Great I`ll see you guys in homeroom? Maya and Connor both say Yea sure. Then Connor and Maya Matlin walk away. Tori asks him what to get him and he says that he will pick something out with her at lunch. At lunch they go to the sneaker store and pick out sick sneakers then go back to school. Connor and Zig knock on Tori`s door. Tori and Maya both welcome the boys in when they get in Connor and Tori kiss. Then they all sit down on the couch. Connor gives her a great necklace and she say`s OMG thanks so much. Tori gives him the sneakers and he say`s he loves her and she does the same. The scene ends.

In Shake it Like a Pom Pom, she is seen trying out for the power squad but is slacking her jumping jacks. She later improves in her exercise and earns the position as co-captian.

In Whatever it Takes, Conner breeak up with because he believed Josh side of the story and Tori tried cheating again. She runs off crying.



Students at Degrassi

Clare Edwards, 2011-present, Rivals

Alli Bhandari, 2011-present, Rivals

Connor Deslauriers, 2011-present, Ex-Boyfriend

Jenna Middleton, 2011-present, Frieneies

Tristan Milligan, 2010-present, Best friend

Maya Matlin, 2011-present, Best friend

Zig Novak, 2011-present, Friend

Issabella Jones, 2013-present, Friend

She does not interact with any one else at the school

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