Zig Novak is a funny, popular, cute sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. He is dating Maya Matlin but is not liked by her friends. He is friends with Christian Torres and Luke Chambers. He is portrayed by Ricardo Hoyoes.


Character HistoryEdit

In I Gotta Good Feeling Part 2, Katie Matlin walks into the door and Maya and Zig Novak both yell suprise, Katie is shocked.

In It`s Our Genaration 1, Zig is talking with Connor Deslauriers when Zig and Connor head toword Maya and Tori Santamaria. Connor say`s Happy 6 month anniversery, Tori say`s I know and how about we all celebrate tonight. They all nod, then Tori say`s Great I`ll see you guys in homeroom? Maya and Connor both say Yea sure. Then Connor and Maya Matlin walk away. Tori asks him what to get him and he says that he will pick something out with her at lunch. At lunch they go to the sneaker store and pick out sick sneakers then go back to school. Connor and Zig knock on Tori`s door. Tori and Maya both welcome the boys in when they get in Connor and Tori kiss. Then they all sit down on the couch. He went to the bathroom but never came back until the end of the scene. In his second plot, He is sitting down next to Luke Chambers when Christian Torres walks over and sit`s next to them. They exchange names and then Christian asks who is who around here and Zig say`s Clare Edwards is the queen bee of the school. Then Zig say`s something bad about Adam Torres, so Christian say`s Hey that is my brother, Zig looks shocked and say`s your brother`s with Adam and Drew. Christian say`s yes and then explains the whole story to them. Zig asks if they can be friends they all nod. All 3 of them go to The Dot and Luke reveals that he is autistic there a little bit shocked but they say it doesn`t matter. Then Christian reveals he is FTM transgender they say they don`t care and Christian say`s Thanks i`m relived my brother got bullied but thats not my case, then Zig say`s Let`s be grateful it isn`t. They all smile. The scene ends.



Students at Degrassi

Connor DeLaurier, 2012-present, Best friends

Christian Torres, 2013-present, Best friends

Luke Chambers, 2013-present, Best friends

Tori Santamaria, 2011-present, Best friends

Tristan Milligan, 2011-present, Rivals

Maya Matlin, 2011-present, Girlfriend

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